EarthCare Global TV contains a profound vision for the unification of global earth care by the people. You are invited to reflect on this vision. A vision of free education linking global awareness about the balance of the earth. Your support means global support for a consciousness of our Oneness and a living of that Oneness. We are each the many parts of one illumined tapestry of beauty.


Following is the luminous VISION that came to Mary Saint-Marie in 1996 and again in 1997:

There is a vision. It is a collective vision. It is a vision calling for fulfillment. Large numbers have already seen it, each in his/her own unique way.

The vision is this: I see a large high-tech dome facility, known as EarthDome, located in North America in an open pristine area. It is a global dome with a sacred purpose. The purpose is simple. It is to monitor the Law of Balance in the kingdoms and in the elements of planet earth. It is an inspirational educational facility that will share its news findings 24 hours a day, via global satellite television.

EarthCare Global TV serves as a vehicle of unification of planetary earth care by the people.

People everywhere will have their hearts and souls touched…
People will remember that we are guardians of the earth and keepers of the kingdoms and elements…
Together…let us create this vessel of unification…

EarthCare Global TV will represent individuals, as well as the interested environmental, animal, and humanitarian organizations that serve us all so well. This will allow many wondrous, effective and diverse linkings of information, organizations and individuals to share information, ideas, visions, resources, needs, etc. There will be instantaneous information and reporting on the pulse and the heartbeat of the earth and her kingdoms and her elements. The global family will have immediate news reports, around the clock via the monitoring system.

Information will be given on the problems and the solutions around the globe.
Interviews will be provided to inform and deeply inspire.
Documentaries and film will be provided by earth care organizations to share:

What projects have already been done for earth care…
What projects are being done for earth care…
What projects need to be done for earth care…
A world team of leading eco-experts will assist to prioritize the earth care needs.

It is time.

It is time we come together with an EarthCare Global TV for monitoring the interrelatedness and the interconnectness of this planet.

It is time the kingdoms and the elements have voice and speak…

It is time we globally address the simple questions of how we will live in Balance, how we will care for all the kingdoms and the elements, and how we will be caring guardians.

It is time we globally address the simple questions of what we will do and how we will live to maintain pure air, pure water, pure earth and pure food so as not to break the inviolate Law of Balance.

It is time.

EarthCare Global TV serves as a vehicle for men and women to work together in balance and equality, that the world may know feminine/masculine, yin/yang balance, that exists as the inviolate and inexorable Law of Balance in all of Nature, revealing essence and harmony. Man/Woman balance is the foundation for a culture. Equal voice brings Balance in the World Home we know as earth.

The vast network of individuals, as well as profound and powerful pre-existing environmental and animal organizations all have the care of the planet as their common goal. EarthCare Global TV will invite the organi-zations to assist in identifying and prioritizing earth’s emerging needs and concerns to be broadcast/televised world wide to the global community that awareness and consciousness may be raised and that action may be taken.

Let us now join together to create EarthCare Global TV.

Let us unify.
Let us put Vision into Action!

It is time.

Mary Saint-Marie, Founder /  Visionary
Earthcare Global TV

Power lies in unity

Lao Russell


Giving Love a body begets Our New Culture.

Mary Saint Marie