Note: The page has been created to reveal one of our main ways of fund raising. We will begin our fund raising when we have our team players and our economic engine established.

Contributions, gifts and funding are welcome.

EarthCare Global TV is ‘funded by the people’ of the world.

EarthCare Global TV Call for Donate a Dollar.

Millions of people sharing $1.00 will create this collective vision.

This is all of the people of the world sharing resources, time, energy, money, expertise, gifts with one another. We are one universal family.

EarthCare Global TV is ‘the people’s network television.’

Initial support has covered flyers and mailings.

The second phase of support has covered the cost of creating trade-marking, business status and website.

The next phase of support includes property, building, TV station, computers/office, satellite, staff and broadcasting.

The architect, TV designer and environmental attorney have been chosen. The EarthDome TV facility will be a green and earth friendly building, serving as a global, sustainable model, inviting visitors worldwide.

Mailings, meetings, research, compiling, synthesizing and art benefits have been ongoing since 1997.

Small cash contributions/offerings are deeply appreciated, as support from individuals and their families and friends. Each of us matters in creating this global networking/linking facility.

Thanking each of you for your support in this ‘collective creation.’

You may contribute by check, money order, cash, or direct deposit. Please contact us for direct deposits.

Check or money order may be made payable to:
EarthCare Global TV.

Send to:

Mary Saint-Marie
P.O. Box 704
Mount Shasta, CA 96067
* Donations are not tax-deductible

ONE does make a world of difference.