Dearest Friends,

I am receiving much email and phone calls about people in deep distress, fear and anger over the times that we are in and the seeming endless disasters. Conscious Ones are now being called to different roles of action or deep inner work.

It is important that the action roles be Action borne of Inner Vision, that we don't get entangled in the drama of separation and duality and that we don'tparticipate in and fuel prophecies of disaster that are all subject to change. Prophecies are warnings, messengers of change. Let that change come now from Inner Vision and Impulse.

The attachment above is a meditation being offered unto these times to 'rise above the realm of problems' and live from there. Please feel free to forward and share.


We are Pure Consciousness...alone. In that arises the new earth and era. Very simple when humanity awakens to that.

awa tey ewa tey

Now is the Time

In Beauty,

Mary Saint-Marie

Enter a New Consciousness:  HOLY SIGHT…for the earth…and the sky…


ONE does make a world of difference.