Site Map


  1. Unification

    This page summarizes the vision of the profound unification of global earth care. When this EarthCare Global television facility is ready to broadcast, there will be environmental and ecological programs and videos provided from qualified green groups and individuals around the globe to educate and inspire.

  2. Vision

    This page describes the collective vision for worldwide dissemination of information, resources and aid regarding global sustainability, biodiversity, permaculture and eco-systems. That this planet is one delicate living organism that is interconnected and interrelated shall be revealed.

  3. Purpose

    This page includes the purpose, mission, and goals of EarthCare Global TV. It describes the 24 hours a day news broadcasting, monitoring and prioritizing of global earth care. A few of the areas that will be included are: renewable resources, natural resources, sustainable (model) communities and bio-dynamic farming. A few of the other subjects are: natural foods, recycling and certified organic. To be included is education about green products, green investing and cosmetics and cleaning products that are without animal testing.

  4. Alliance for Balance

    This page shares about the inviolate and universal Law of Balance in all of nature. Once broadcasting begins, environmental groups and individuals will share the understanding of the need in all creation for pure elements. Pure air. Pure water. Pure earth. Included here is pure food. There will be the informative, inspiring, engaging and entertaining education of all of these as basic components of natural health and wholeness on this earth. Once broadcasting begins, we will include music, art, dance, beauty and humor/comedy in this area of the law of balance to be maintained and sustained.

  5. Phases of Creation

    This page describes the phases of creation for the television station/satellite that will provide national and international inspiration and education in such important and vital areas as: solar power, clean fuel, energy efficiency, energy conservation and holistic, earth-friendly building.

  6. Projects.

    This page is intended to reveal the direction of the televised broadcasting from EarthCare Global TV. It encompasses the voice of diverse earth stewards, guardians and caretakers. It includes the voice of environmental organizations. It includes the equal voice of the kingdoms (plants, animals, minerals and humans) and the elements (earth, air, fire and water). It gives voice to women. It gives voice to youth. It gives voice to oceans and forests and even minerals everywhere. It gives voice to the indigenous and native peoples. It gives voice to physicists, to scientists and to global futurists on planet earth.

  7. Support

    An invitation to support the Balance of this planet is extended here. It is an invitation to participate in the Oneness of creation. It is an invitation to donate and be involved, knowing that each of us matters in this shift to the Law of Balance being fulfilled in precious lives everywhere.

  8. Contact

    The contact page has been included for all of those who are moved to support, thus create, this collective vision of EarthCare Global TV. It offers a way to individually support and nourish the environment. It offers a way to approach Life in its wholeness, through the understanding of universal principles of truth.