Following are the categories to be added once EarthCare Global TV has facilities and is broadcasting:


  • Existing environmental organizations, individuals and businesses that promote earth care will be invited to share stories, videos, documentaries, etc. Many of these organizations have been creating for 20-40 years; others offer the latest cutting edge discoveries and new technologies. They will also be invited to share in-house TV Educational Forums that offer live news from around the world.
    • What has been done to be in balance with the earth?
    • What is currently being done to be in balance with the earth?
    • What needs to be done to live in balance with the earth?
  • Pilot/model sustainable eco-communities shared on film
  • Internet/TV news and projects
  • Invitation for ideas


  • Some of the program topics to be broadcast are: 
    • Environmental Careers
    • Green Investors
    • Green Businesses
    • Green Products
    • Green Building and Construction: Homes, businesses, etc.
    • Recycle/reduce/reuse/renew
    • Films: Created by individuals, organizations, businesses
    • Media
    • Musicians and Artists: Concerts, benefits, art exhibitions and multi-media presentations
    • Voice of Nature Speaks:
      Voice of the elements: pure air, pure water, pure earth 
      Voice of the kingdoms: animals, minerals and plants
    • Pure Food
    • Pure Agricultural and Farming practices
    • Clean Transportation/Fuel: New models and directions
    • Alternative and Free Energies: Solar, Wind, etc.
    • Voice of Indigenous Wisdom
    • Voice of Scientists and Physicists: To share the science of the Law of Balance and the understanding of the wholeness of this perfect ecosystem
    • Voice of Global Futurists
    • Voice of the Elders
    • Voice of Children/Youth: Programs that initiate global community through  sharing their unique ideas, perspectives and expressions
    • Voice of Woman: Mother Wisdom, the Feminine Principle of Nurturing
    • Equal Voice of Man/Woman: Law of Balance in action in the world
    • Beauty of the Earth
    • Beauty of Body/radiant well-being
    • Humor: Comedy, entertainment and light-heartedness as a vital component
    • Helping Others: Global projects that the people of the world may volunteer to assist or contribute in some form
    • Profound personal stories in nature and with animals
    • Incentive/Inspirational Programs: Educational and news programs to inspire new ideas for global earth care
      Example: Rewards for a Solution or Rewards for Visions; the benefits of asking the right question to find answers and solutions will be revealed.  
    • The Right Question: a new concept in programs
      We must ask the right questions both to the children and to ourselves to find Answers and Solutions to the care of the earth.
      Example: A program that asks the children “How can we live to have pure air, pure water, pure earth and pure food? What changes can we make?’
    • Did You Know? : A public good news report
    • TV programs on earth care in the public and private schools, universities and senior communities: Green, sustainable, environmental education and models
    • Eco-tourism and travel
    • Eco-community reports and stories
    • EarthCare Monitoring and Prioritizing: A team of world specialists involved in EarthCare monitoring will prioritize a portion of this news, so that strategic areas in the world most in need of help in the form of money, services, equipment, people, etc., can be contacted and assistance given.
      The urgency of the situation will need to be assessed by these world specialists.



EarthCare Global TV is open to myriad ways of global involvement. Initially, some of that will include benefits, concerts, art exhibits as fundraising and simply contributions from 'the people' to fund the collective vision.


EarthCare Global TV CALL FOR

‘funded by the people: the people’s network television’

With great numbers, this will soon be a ‘grounded vision’.
Together…we can do this…



  • Partnerships and global alliances will be listed
  • Links to other organizations and projects will be listed








You must be the change you want to see.



You never change anything by fighting the existing.
To change something, build a new model and make the existing obsolete.

Buckminster Fuller