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EarthCare Global TV is initiating this first step toward Internet TV page, beginning by listing films, documentaries, interviews, animations that have been created by conscious ones around the globe to share about sustainable living on this planet.

This Internet TV Link is being created at this time to freely share information that will assist globally in the 'self-governing' principle arising through all 'the people'.

This conscious, green, environmental and sustainable eco-media is for inspiration and education that we may live the universal Law of Balance.

Some of the titles will have website and description; others will only have the film title. You may google to find numerous youtubes, trailers and further information for purchase of the DVDs.

*Consider buying online the DVDs that may be shown to family, friends and community and given as gifts. The DVDs may also be purchased to be given to your local video stores and libraries, suggesting that they start an ENVIRONMENTAL section of documentaries for your town. You may give this list to your video store and environmental organizations, as well. Let us all continue to freely share the information.

*This DVD purchase supports those involved in making the films and getting the information to the people. We deeply appreciate the filmmakers and those in the documentaries.

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Artists / Musicians
Beauty of the Earth
Beauty of the Body
Building, Construction


EarthCare Global TV films and interviews
Eco-tourism and travel
Environmental Footprint /Impact
Environmental Protection,

Conservation, Restoration and Sustainability
Environmental Wake-up Call
Helping Others
Inspirational Programs
Other Media Resources

People's Rights /Nature's Rights

Short Films

Success Stories
Transportation/Clean Fuels
Voices of Humanity and Nature
Wireless Technologies

Agriculture, Permaculture, Biodynamic, Farming, Forest Gardens, Growing, Seeds: Sustainable, organic, eco-culture

Bitter Seeds,, for trailer and purchase: , documentary raises urgent questions about human cost of genetically modified agriculture and future of how we grow our food; many speakers, such as Vandana Shiva

Delicious Peace Grows in a Ugandan Coffee Bean,


Edible City: Grow the Revolution,, the trailer and full film may be viewed here, see inspiring film with the invitation into the earth and join the revolutionary movement for growing 'local' and creating a healthy food system that supports that

Farming with Nature: Permaculture with Sepp Holzer, 'rebel farmer' in Austrian mountains who observed nature

Growing Cities, see trailer at:, inspirational documentary about urban farming in America to revitalize
our cities and the way we eat

Homegrown Revolution,, film by the Dervaes family

How to Save the World,, documentary about biodynamics

Ladies of the Land,

Living Lightly, poetic and magical glimpse of a family making farming a meditation in action

One of the Last (Uno degli Ultimi), film of 78 year old Italian farmer

Polyface, documentary coming out in 2014 with Joel Salatin,

Ripe for Change, see full film at:, a powerful documentary informing about how pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and the planting of genetically modified crops (GMOs) is destroying our soil and our environment and informing about how organic farming protects the environment and biodiversity

Seed Hunter, Australian scientist on mission seeking ancient seeds

Seed: The Untold Story,

Soil in Good Heart, a story about preserving and rebuilding soil as foundation of sustainable agriculture

The Greenhorns,, explores the lives of American young farming community


Earthlings, see trailer or buy:, documentary by Shaun Monson, filmmaker. This film discloses the suffering of animals for food, fashion, environment and for medical research.

Facing Animals,, trailer and purchase of dvd are on website,  a Dutch film that explores the inconsistency of how people treat various kinds of animals, from pets to farm animals

How Wolves Change Rivers,,  a remarkable film, short and potent. of our interconnectedness. In this case it is the explanation of ‘how’ wolves change rivers.

The Animal Communicator,,  a powerful documentary with Anna Breytenbach about interspecies communication.

Animations and cartoons:

Papiroflexia, tale of a man who could shape the world with his hands

Artists and Musicians: Concerts, benefits, art exhibitions, multimedia presentations

Beauty of the Earth:

An Ecology of Mind: a daughter's portrait of Gregory Bateson,,  a film by Nora Bateson that studies the interrelatedness of nature.

The Grounded 2, see trailer and free full movie at:, a new feature film that confirms that the surface of the earth has healing power, like a treatment table. The people in Haines, Alaska reveal the healings generated by simply grounding the people to the Earth, reconnecting them to the healing energy. The town's news has attracted Apollo astronauts who walked on moon, as well as doctors and scientists.

     Nature documentaries, free online,

The Privileged Planet,, the search for purpose in the universe

Beauty of the Body: Radiant well-being and wholeness:

Building, Construction, Architecture: homes, businesses, etc.

Bringing it Home, see trailer at:, the film is about a father's discovery of hempcrete, to build a sustainable home and his 'hemp trail' journey to make that possible

Garbage Warrior,, see trailer and order film on website, the epic film of renegade eco-architect, Michael Reynolds and his fight to build off the grid sustainable communities

The Greening of Southie,, story of Boston's first LEED-certified residential building


A Passion for Sustainability, view at: , shows 4 business leaders from Portland, Oregon describing how the principles of The Natural Step helped their businesses become sustainable

Cradle to Cradle: Waste=Food , , view at: inspiring film that covers the sustainable design concept of architect,William McDonough, and chemist, Michael Braungart




In the Beginning There was Light,, a revealing documentary about ‘living on the Light of Life’.

Unity, see trailer: or , documentary by Shaun Monson, filmmaker, with, a film about the choice of living oneness or the perceived sense of separateness, duality.

EarthCare Global TV films and interviews:


Eco-tourism and travel:

Education: TV programs on earth care for the public and private schools, universities and senior communities. Green, sustainable and environmental education and models.

Grounded,, This documentary educates about how electrons from the Earth enter into the body by walking barefoot or using an Earthing device. Grounding has revealed that this can stop inflammation, stop pain, improve sleep, etc. See

Energies: Alternative, renewable, new and free energies (solar, wind, etc.)

Solar Cookers

Who's Got the Power?, the film proposes the use of renewable energy

Environmental Footprint and Impact:

Bag It: Is Your Life Too Plastic?

Human Footprint, a look at the by-products of our consumption

No Impact Man, a family decides to eliminate personal impact on environment for a year, in Manhattan

Seeds of Deception,, a film about genetically modified crops

The Secret Life of Paper: A Project of INFORM, Inc.,, casting a vote for the environment

The World According to Monsanto, a documentary about genetically engineered food, etc.

What in the World are They Spraying?, documentary on the purity of our air and the field of geo-engineering

Environmental Protection and Conservation:

Arch's Iguanas,, sanctuary of protection

Children of the Amazon, a film of the battle of Indigineous to safeguard their culture and rain forests

Flathead Wild, conservation film of wilderness area and stopping mountain top removal and methane drilling

Green Gold,, film at:, an amazing documentary on 'Regreening the Desert' by environmental filmmaker, John D. Liu, on ecosystem restoration around the world

Losing the Elephants,, conservation of endangered species

Milking the Rhino,, community based conservation in Africa

Mount Shasta:  Listening to the Mountain,, is about protecting and preserving the Mount Shasta Bioregional areas, etc.

[One percent] of the story,, 1 % for the planet, inspiring partners

Papua New Guinea: Land of the Unexpected

The Lexicon of Sustainability,,, three film shorts to educate about the principles of sustainability

Environmental Wake-up Call: Education, solutions, assistance, movements in transitioning into new culture/paradigm

Addicted to Plastic:the rise and demise of a modern miracle ,, or see at:, award winning film

A Life Among Whales,

All Jacked Up,, the economics of junk food

A River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth about Factory Farms,, film viewed at:, this is a heart breaking film that exposes the animal corporate agribusiness and the extreme harm caused to animals, the earth and the people of the Earth

A Silent Forest: the growing threat of genetically engineered trees set loose in nature, a film with David Suzuki, may watch at:

Bad Seed: The Truth About Our Food,, about GMO dangers

BlueGold: World Water Wars,, a document describing the global water crisis and contributing many solutions. A must see.

Bought ,see trailer at: ; this film is the hidden story behind vaccines, big pharma. factory food and GMOs  by producer, Jeff Hayes, director of Doctored; available by April, 2014

Coffee to Go: A Fair Trade Story

Crude: The Real Price of Oil,

David Versus Monsanto,,, revealed in this documentary is the victory of a lone farmer, Percy Schmeiser, speaking up for truth

Ethos, , free viewing of epic documentary hosted by Woody Harrelson; film exposes flaws in our systems that work in opposition to nature, democracy and our freedom; film reveals the mechanism of profits over people and what citizens may do

Farmageddon: The Unseen War on American Family Farms,, tells the story of small family farms

Fed Up! Genetic Engineering, Industrial Agriculture and Sustainable Alternative, see on youtube.

Fighting Goliath: Texas Coal Wars,, narrated by Robert Redford

Fluoridegate: An American Tragedy,  see full film at : a David Kennedy Film

Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution, film in support of chemical free and locally based farming

Food, Inc,, a view of America's corporate controlled food industry

Food Matters: you are what you eat,,,

Food that Kills,, see youtube for viewing

Forks Over Knives,


For the Price of a Cup of Coffee, documentary on life cycle of paper cup and effects on society

Full Signal,, a documentary that researches the effects of wireless technology, a biological experiment with no knowledge of long term problems

Gasland,, film on the hazards to water, soil and health by 'fracking'

Genetically Modified Food, Panacea or Poison, view full film: , a documentary about the production and eating of genetically modified foods, so one may understand if it is a panacea for world hunger or a global poison? A wake up call!

Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of our Lives,, documentary by Jeffrey Smith, exposing   the dangerous food scam and offering solutions

Green,, about deforestation of rainforest in Indonesia for palm oil

Killing Fields: the battle to feed factory farms

Kilowatt Ours, a plan to re-energize America

King Corn,

Look Up,, free viewing, urgent social action documentary exposing dangerous geoengineering (chemtrails) being carried out in our skies, for more info see

Meat the Truth,, film by Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation that reveals how intensive livestock production is one of the main causes of climate change

Midway,, a filmed by Chris Jordan on a remote island about the devastation of plastic pollution and the environmental tragedy we have created for the birds, ocean and on

Open Sesame: The Story of SEEDS,, a documentary that tells what needs to be done to reclaim seeds.  On the website one may learn about fundraising for the movie.

Our Daily Bread, documentary about the world of industrial food production

Powershift 2011,, a movement for clean and just energy future

Promised Land, a movie about 'fracking' and its dangers, with Matt Damon, in theatres starting 2012

Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?,, a powerful documentary on the global bee crisis and the mystery of the hive.

Red Gold, documentary to save watershed and salmon

Renewal,, meet more caretakers of the earth

Seeds of Freedom,, a 30 minute film about "Global Farming and GMO seeds" and in support of labeling of genetically modified organisms.

Sharks: Stewards of the Reef

Silence of the Bees, free viewing, was on PBS Nature, about the nature of the disappearing of the bees, why they are so important and what citizens may do

Stop Monsanto From Poisoning Hawaii: Genetic Engineering Chemical Warfare, , a documentary by The Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, free viewing at:, a documentary that exposes the dangers of artificial sweetener, Aspartame; the deadly effects of the tests of this toxin were ignored

Take Back Your Power,, or , with Dr. Klinghardt, The Smart Meter Radiation Agenda unveiled

10 Years of Failure, see 25 minute documentary:  , a film about how Philippine farmers have been deceived by GM corn. Hear their accounts of GM corn on environment, animals and people and the difficulties in returning to traditional ways.

Tesfaye's Story: Reversing a Destructive Past, a film of the reforesting of Ethiopia

The Age of Stupid, a film about climate change, set in the future

The Future of Food,

The Garden,, film on bulldozers or gardens?

The Greater Good, , a documentary that reveals just how dangerous the side effects of vaccines are and how current vaccine policy and law threatens parents rights.

The Story of Cap and Trade: You Can't Solve a Problem with the Thinking that Created It,

The Story of Change,, a film by Annie Leonard about why citizens, not shoppers hold the key to the world

The Story of Stuff,

The True Cost of Food, from Sierra Club National Sustainable Consumption Committee

The World According to Monsanto,

Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take?

Trade Secrets,, a filmed report with Bill Moyers, a free viewing, exposes the history of chemical companies and their knowledge of human health dangers and their push for limited regulation and any liability for their effects to workers and public

Trash Inc: The Secret Life of Garbage,


Unacceptable Levels,  for trailer: ; to stream now: ; a film about the chemicals in our bodies and how they got there and what we can do about that

Unearthed: The Fracking Facade,, a film that explains the contamination from hydraulic fracturing and the difference between hydraulic fracturing and natural gas drilling

Unwasted: The Future of Business on Earth, on Dr. Mercola site:,  a documentary on zero waste as a sustainable model, that we leave behind the plastic pollution disaster.

Vanishing of the Bees,, see youtube for viewing

Varmints, wildlife film on prairie dogs

Waste = Food, documentary reveals Cradle to Cradle concept of production

What in the World are They Spraying?,, a documentary by Michael Murphy that reveals the chemtrail / geoengineering (weather control) cover-up, see youtube

Why in the World are They Spraying?,, a documentary by Michael Murphy exposing chemtrail / geoengineering (weather control)

Food: Pure organic food

A Place at the Table, see trailer or buy:, a documentary on the state of hunger in America and the food quality changes needed. May be seen on Netflix.

Eating Alabama,, a story about why food matters, young couple returns to home for simpler life

Every Third Bite, a documentary about care of the bees

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,, watch at:, an amazing documentary of two men who turn their lives around with juicing, a life changing movie

Fast Food Baby, see at:, a documentary about three families starting a journey to healthier eating

Fast Food, Fat Profits: Obesity in America, see film at htttp://,  a documentary on what is wrong with our food industry and why so many Americans are sick and overweight

Fast Food Nation, see trailer or buy:, a documentary based on the non-fiction book, Fast Food Nation; it looks at the consequences of fast food on health, society and the environment.

Food Inc., see trailer: . more info at: , documentary looks at the sourcing of our modern food, supply and production methods. The film aims to bring change. Small and local serves America well. May be seen on Netflix.

Food Matters,, see trailer at:, this film features many leading educators speaking about 'you are what you eat'

Fresh,, documentary with Michael Pollan, celebrating farmers and reinventing the food system

Here We Grow, a documentary about the restoration of food

Hungry for Change,, see trailer at:, a powerful documentary about creating lasting health

Just Us For Food Justice: Youth at Bioneers, a youth Food and Farming program

The People's Grocery,, see additional films

Fridays at the Farm, a young couple joins a local organic farm

Ingredients,, The local food movement takes root

Jungle Nomads of the Himalayas, a film of the Raji nomads who still hunt for wild honey, scaling trees

Sustainable Table: What's on Your Plate?,, see full movie at:  

Sweet Remedy: The World Reacts to an Adulterated Food Supply,, a powerful film by the filmmaker who created, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World

What's 'Organic' About Organic?,, film on sustainability


Grounded,, This documentary educates about how electrons from the Earth enter into the body by walking barefoot or using an Earthing device. Grounding has revealed that this can stop inflammation, stop pain, improve sleep, etc. See

The Grounded 2, see trailer and free full movie at:, a new feature film that confirms that the surface of the earth has healing power, like a treatment table. The people in Haines, Alaska reveal the healings generated by simply grounding the people to the Earth, reconnecting them to the healing energy. The town's news has attracted Apollo astronauts who walked on moon, as well as doctors and scientists.

Heal Yourself, Heal The World: The Legacy of Dr. Max Gerson, may be purchased at: , documentary includes explanations by nutritionists, scientists and researchers on the science of the Gerson Therapy and why it works; included are personal success stories

Numen: The Nature of Plants, see trailer at:; purchase dvd at:, a documentary on the life force in plant world and its relationship to health and healing; the film offers a vision of safe and sustainable and effective plant medicine

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days,, see at:,this film looks at the effect of raw food diet on diabetes with wisdom by Dr. Gabrial Cousens, Gary Null, David Wolfe, Joel Fuhrman and others

The Cure Is,, see trailer and buy dvd on website, a transformational and groundbreaking film about the human body and our health

The Sacred Science,, astonishing story of the healing secrets of the Amazon Rain Forest

Helping Others: Global aid projects that 'the people' of the world may volunteer to assist or contribute in some form

To Catch a Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on America,,  'a film empowering people to sustainably lift themselves out of poverty'

Humor: Comedy, entertainment and light-heartedness as a vital component

Inspirational Programs: Educational and news programs that inspire new ideas for global earth care Example: Incentives and/or Rewards for Solutions or Rewards for Visions. The benefits of asking the right questions to find answers and solutions will be revealed.



Other Media Resources:

Aware Guide,, Gary Tomchuk has included 5 documentary categories for this awakening time, including environment 

NextWorld TV,, you may subscribe free for 'video' emails dedicated to sustainability,  innovations and healthy living

The Green Spotlight,  ,an immense listing of films with a green theme; also has a listing of resources, including organizations, magazines, blogs, educational  programs, funding and investing, urban farms, agri-tourism, international initiatives, films and books

People's Rights /Nature's Rights:

Children of the Jaguar, watch at:, award winning documentary that won National
Geographic prize, a groundbreaking story of indigenous peoples of Ecuador and their successful, international and legal fight against multinationals

Pipe Down,, a documentary of a fishing community in Ireland that takes on the oil giant, Shell, in order to stop the dangerous raw gas pipeline through their community and their fishing bay, There is a longer version,The Pipe, that reveals how photos and films of the battle went viral in Ireland and the people arose to stop the government from allowing this desecration to the delicate environment

We The People 2.0,,  trailer and how to purchase:, OR A potent documentary featuring Thomas Linzey of the Environmental Legal Defense Fund who speaks of solutions by turning to Nature's Rights and the creation of a Community Democracy Movement



Flip Flotsam,, see other documentaries listed

Vitya, The Recycling Man, beautiful documentary in rural India

Short Films:

Stories: Profound personal stories in nature and with animals that inspire

Success Stories:

Children of the Jaguar, watch at:, award winning documentary that won National
Geographic prize, a groundbreaking story of indigenous peoples of Ecuador and their successful, international and legal fight against multinationals
       (NOTE: See how the entire tribe worked together to find the solution, the simple stating of their truth with deep passion to the right group)

Pipe Down for free viewing, a documentary of a fishing community in Ireland that takes on oil giant, Shell, in order to stop raw gas pipeline through their community and fishing bay.
    (NOTE: See how powerful social media (photos and filming) was used by rural community to go viral across Ireland, which then caused pressure on the government to stop Shell)

Transportation/Clean Fuels: New models and directions

Voice of Children/Youth: Programs that initiate global community through sharing their unique ideas, perspectives and expressions

Voice of Elders:

Voice of Global Futurists:

Voice of Indigenous Wisdom:

ALUNA: There is no life without thought,, the Kogi, an ancient tribal people in Colombia give their second message/warning to the 'younger brothers'. To be released early in 2012.

Voice of Man/Woman: Equal Voice of masculine/feminine principle bringing the Law of Balance into action in the world

Voice of Nature Speaks:

Symphony of the Soil,, a film by Deborah Koons Garcia, director of The Future of Food.

Voice of the Elements: pure air, pure water, pure earth

Voice of the Kingdoms: animals, minerals, plants

Chasing Wild Horses,, reveals compassion for natural habitat

Papa Tortuga,

Saba and the Rhino's Secret, documentary about their social, gentle nature

Tales of the Hives, a NOVA film about inner workings of the bee colony

The Queen of Trees

The Teachings of the Tree People: The Work of Bruce Miller, sacred teachings of natural world

Conversing with Aotearoa/New Zealand, animated documentary

Voice of Physicists and Scientists: To share the science of the Law of Balance and the understanding of the Wholeness of this perfect ecosystem of the earth

Suzuki Speaks: It's Not Just Empty Space, scientist and visionary speaks on our interconnectedness

Voice of Women: Mother Wisdom, the Feminine Principle of nurturing and caring

Wireless Technology

Resonance - Beings of Frequency,, documentary reveals the dangers of wireless technology and the actual mechanisms by which mobile phone technology can cause cancer and includes how we are reacting to this biggest change in the environment

****Miscellaneous Media

The Right Question: A new concept in programs
We must ask the right questions both to the children and to ourselves to find Answers and Solutions to the care of the earth.
Example: A program that asks the children..."How can we live to have pure air, pure water, pure earth and pure food?" What changes can we make?

Did You Know?: A public good news report

EarthCare Monitoring System: For monitoring and prioritizing the care of the earth.
A team of world specialists/experts involved in earth care monitoring will prioritize a portion of the news, so that strategic areas in the world that are most in need of immediate help in the forms of money, services, equipment, people, etc. may be contacted and assistance given. The urgency of the situation will be accessed by these world experts.

The Law of Balance is the Law of Love upon which the universe is founded.

Walter Russell